Welcome to Filipino American Medical Inc.

 FAMI is a non-profit corporation that was founded by Niles Perlas, CRNA and friends in 1999 at New York City. FAMI brings American and Filipino American Physicians, Nurses and other Medical Professionals to the Philippines to serve the poor.  FAMI partners with local medical teams and NGO to maximize its service to the needy. 


Our Volunteer Insights

 “It has taken me a long time to be where I am and sometimes we forget why we become doctors and this mission has reminded me why I became a doctor!”  Mathew Bertram, MD 2005

 “Nothing can prepare you for a mission except to come with an open heart. It is a great feeling helping our fellow human beings.” Erin Ford, RN 2003

“Indeed the eyes of my heart were opened to the needs of our people which are overwhelming but FAMI gave us a new day and a new opportunity of leadership through service.” Angelica Cu, RN 2002  

“I’ll have tender memories of the baby I saw who had congenital bilateral inguinal hernia repaired by our caring surgeons and anesthesiologists. This is really a wonderful teamwork.” Silva Toledo PA, San Diego California 2002 

  “you know, the important thing is  that you do what you can – and  if everyone does just a little  together we can really get something done.” I think that is the spirit of this mission that we should all remember when we get frustrated – if everyone can do what they can – then we can really do something."  Andrew Lee, MD 2001

 “What I can say is while I don’t think our efforts will change the world, I am happy to have changed the lives of a few.” Natalie Trezza, RN 2000     

FAMI is currently not active in medical missions.

web contact - info.efami@gmail.com